A furniture designer, cabinetmaker and artist
Furniture Designer, Design Educator, Craftsman, and Artist
Furniture Designer, Design Educator, Craftsman, and Artist

Product #: TL1701T(Table) / TL1701B(Bench)
Material: Red Oak
Finish: Tung Oil
Size : 1600 * 850 * 750 mm /  1350 * 330 * 450 mm
Applied Technique: Woodworking + Woodturning
Lead Time: 1 month

Retail Price

- Table : USD 1500

- Bench :  USD 650



목선반으로 가공 된 다리는 Mortise & Tenon으로 스커트(에이프런)과 결합됩니다.


TL 시리즈 가구는 다리가 아닌, 스커트(에이프런)가 상판을 떠받치는 독특한 구조를 가지고 있습니다.




Bradley & Jay의 가구는 솔리드 원목으로 제작되며, 천연오일로만 마감합니다.


Bradley & Jay는 건강한 가구만을 고집합니다.




Feb 2017


Woodshop Bradley & Jay 런칭.

TL 시리즈 디자인 출시



Nov 2016


YJ got re-started woodworking at a woodshop located in Gwangju city.




Aug 2016


YJ had a business trip to the US for participating Ethan Allen Conference and searching other high-end leather furniture makers.




Jun 2016


YJ moved to Sebang Trade as a lead designer for Ethan Allen furniture.




Jan 2016


YJ joined to Gyeonggi Furniture Creative Center for teaching a class from Jan 18. He will teach a class which is about basic furniutre making and wood turning.




Dec 2015


YJ had a business trip to Vietnam again for developing New Mocca series as his final project from Madeleine Sangzom.




Mar 2015


YJ had a business trip to the Madeleine Sangzom factory in Vietnam for 4 weeks. During the duration of it, YJ built up many of prototypes with soft maple for developing Bory Series; which will be taking a part of product line-ups.



Oct 2014


YJ joined to design team of Madeleine Sangzom as a design director. That company is focusing on wooden furniture and living products, and located in Daegu, South Korea.



Jun 2014


YJ had a business trip to Neocon Chicago, as a project manager for Teknion System Furniture. During the visit, Bradley Triana, Toad Steffy and Alphonse Mattia joined him and had a wonderful time at a Korean reataurant Light House, located in suburb of Chicago.



Dec 2013


YJ got started working for Teknion System Furniture as a project manager of Aurum Co. LTD in South Korea.



May 2013


Three Rivers Arts Festival

YJ's milk chocolate bowl tables were exhibited at Juried Visual Arts Show, a part of Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh.



Oct 2012


YJ's 2nd Masterpiece

Bradley Hyunjae Shin was born in Oct 16, just one day before his brother Yoonjae's birthday.



CAD & CNC Technologies integrated into Studio Furniture Design

an MFA Thesis Exhibition

by Yong Jun Shin


Oct 1-5, 2012

Annex Gallery

Sprowls Hall

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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