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Furniture Designer, Design Educator, Craftsman, and Artist
Furniture Designer, Design Educator, Craftsman, and Artist


Candle Talbe I (2011)

African Mahogany, Candle, Tung Oil

W: 1200 x D: 600 x H: 720


Tables are one of the most frequently used pieces of furniture in daily life. People use it for eating, reading, putting something on, etc. However, they usually forget what they did at the table, even though they did very important things in a daily life.

This mahogany Candle Table was designed based on the user’s lapse of memory. Geologists use some types of stalactites to estimate the age of a lime cave by measuring the size of them. I assumed that if a table could contain evidence showing how long the user did something at it, the user will be able to remember the past.

I decided to apply candle wax to record how long a user and a table shared their time, in the same way a geologist studies stalactites. For this, I designed a tilted 75mm diameter shallow inset to stick a same-size candle onto it. I also designed a shallow bowl area for gathering wax and four holes at the corner of the table top, which are paths for the melted candle wax to flow onto a leg.




The Unknown Craftsman Bookcase (2011)

Ash, Spray Lacquer, Epoxy, Tung Oil

 W: 1050 x D: 250 x H: 600



Books are my permanent teacher and partner supporting my designs. My strong attitude on books does not allow me to understand why some people who use books as ornaments for decorating their library. The Unknown Craftsman bookcase contains my sarcastic joke regarding these kinds of people.

The form of the body consisted of straight lines, organic curves, two legs asymmetrically located and an artificial book. I used CAD and CNC technologies to make the body, and I turned two legs using a lathe. The book title on the fake book was made by a laser engraver.



Acupressure Points Chair I
Acupressure Points Chair-detail
Acupressure Points Chair II
Chair for Yoonjae
Chair for Yoonjae
seat detail


Feb 2017


Woodshop Bradley & Jay 런칭.

TL 시리즈 디자인 출시



Nov 2016


YJ got re-started woodworking at a woodshop located in Gwangju city.




Aug 2016


YJ had a business trip to the US for participating Ethan Allen Conference and searching other high-end leather furniture makers.




Jun 2016


YJ moved to Sebang Trade as a lead designer for Ethan Allen furniture.




Jan 2016


YJ joined to Gyeonggi Furniture Creative Center for teaching a class from Jan 18. He will teach a class which is about basic furniutre making and wood turning.




Dec 2015


YJ had a business trip to Vietnam again for developing New Mocca series as his final project from Madeleine Sangzom.




Mar 2015


YJ had a business trip to the Madeleine Sangzom factory in Vietnam for 4 weeks. During the duration of it, YJ built up many of prototypes with soft maple for developing Bory Series; which will be taking a part of product line-ups.



Oct 2014


YJ joined to design team of Madeleine Sangzom as a design director. That company is focusing on wooden furniture and living products, and located in Daegu, South Korea.



Jun 2014


YJ had a business trip to Neocon Chicago, as a project manager for Teknion System Furniture. During the visit, Bradley Triana, Toad Steffy and Alphonse Mattia joined him and had a wonderful time at a Korean reataurant Light House, located in suburb of Chicago.



Dec 2013


YJ got started working for Teknion System Furniture as a project manager of Aurum Co. LTD in South Korea.



May 2013


Three Rivers Arts Festival

YJ's milk chocolate bowl tables were exhibited at Juried Visual Arts Show, a part of Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh.



Oct 2012


YJ's 2nd Masterpiece

Bradley Hyunjae Shin was born in Oct 16, just one day before his brother Yoonjae's birthday.



CAD & CNC Technologies integrated into Studio Furniture Design

an MFA Thesis Exhibition

by Yong Jun Shin


Oct 1-5, 2012

Annex Gallery

Sprowls Hall

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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